About Us

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Offering Gas & Electricity to Ohio, Michigan, and California



Provision Power & Gas is a licensed energy supplier for Ohio and Michigan.


We provide the physical natural gas to homes and businesses. Our team works closely with the existing utility companies to offer you options for your home energy. Our goal is to empower homeowners and business owners to understand their energy options and make the best choices for their utilities.


As a licensed alternative gas supplier (AGS), we support quality standards to guarantee that customers reliably receive their natural gas each day and night. Feel confident knowing that our local team is available to answer questions and help keep your home secure.


We also offer green energy solutions. Consider the environment in your home gas and electric decisions and have piece of mind knowing that you’re contributing to renewable energy sources that protect our future.


What makes us different:

  • 100% American Owned and Operated
  • Friendly Customer Care Agents
  • Consistently Competitive Energy Rates
  • Green Energy Solutions


We have operating offices in Ohio and Michigan, and our corporate headquarters is based in Austin, TX.

Take control of your energy today by enrolling with with Provision Power & Gas or Contact Us with any questions that you may have.