Natural Gas FAQs

We hope these Natural Gas FAQs help you to understand budget billing, natural gas rate types, and more.

Who is Provision Power and Gas?

Provision Power and Gas is a licensed Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS) in DTE Energy and Consumers Energy Customer CHOICE programs. This means that we supply the physical natural gas to homes and businesses across Michigan. Your Utility will continue to read your meter, send your bill, and provide emergency service. The only difference you’ll notice is Provision Power and Gas’s competitive natural gas rate.

Why should I switch to Provision Power and Gas?

There are many things that set us apart from a many other AGSs in Michigan:

• 100% American Owned and Operated
• Friendly customer care agents
• Consistently competitive natural gas rates

What is an Alternative Natural Gas Supplier? (AGS)

An Alternative Natural Gas Supplier (AGS) is licensed by the Michigan Public Service Commission to supply physical natural gas to homes and businesses. AGSs are held to strict quality standards to ensure that customers reliably receive their natural gas each day and night.

Can I be on Budget Billing and still use Provision Power and Gas?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use budget billing as a handy way to manage their monthly bills. Budget Billing estimates your yearly natural gas usage based on your past history. You pay approximately 1/12th of your estimated yearly usage each month. Budget Billing helps to provide customers with a reliable natural gas bill each month instead of a bill that may be seasonally high or low.

Is Provision Power and Gas as reliable as other suppliers?

Absolutely! Provision Power and Gas is held to the same strict quality standards as other Alternative Gas Suppliers.

Will I receive two bills if I switch to Provision Power and Gas?

No! You’ll continue to receive a single bill from the Utility. You will see Provision Power and Gas’s name and rate on the “Gas Supply” line of your bill.

Do I need to call my old supplier to let them know I’m switching to Provision Power and Gas?

No. When you switch to Provision Power and Gas, we submit your enrollment directly to the local Utility. Your previous natural gas supplier will be automatically notified.

How do I contact Provision Power and Gas to enroll or with questions about my bill?

For the many ways to contact us, click here.