Consumers Energy


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Consumers Customers, Get Power from Provision P&G


Consumers Energy is a large public utility company. They may be responsible for the pipes and transportation of energy to your home or office, but consumers still have options as to from whom they buy their gas and electricity.

Provision P&G services customers who are currently registered with Consumers Energy. You can easily switch to us today through our online enrollment system or by contacting our local team.

The advantage is in our local, competitive rates and green energy options. We provide a great local alternative to the large utilities. Find out more about your options today!



Provision Power and Gas is proud to supply Consumers Energy customers.

Consumers Energy is located in Cincinnati, OH.

Consumers Phone: (800) 477-5050

Consumers Address: P.O. Box 740309 Cincinnati, OH 45274-0309

In the event of a natural gas emergency, please move to a safe place and dial 911.


Contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-930-5427 or