Mother’s Day Ideas Honoring Mother Earth

Mothers today are real superheroes. Pressure comes from all sides, and everyone turns to Mom to save the day. Mothers work so hard and no one deserves a break more! Whether spending the day relaxing alone or spending time with your children, these Mother’s Day ideas are sure to please.

The below Michigan listings are accurate as of the day of this post, but please be sure to confirm times and dates before venturing out. Enjoy!

Wildflower Walk

Discover a beautiful variety of Michigan wildflowers along Blandford Nature Center’s trails. Enjoy a beautiful, scenic walk through trees and wildflowers led by the founder of the nature center, Dr. Mary Jane Dockeray. This event takes place the day before Mother’s Day and there will be complimentary tea and cookies for your enjoyment. Visit the Blandford Nature Center’s website for more details.

Mother’s Day Walk-a-Mom

A clever name for a simple, relaxing Mother’s Day activity outdoors. This walk takes place on Stony Creek Nature Center’s trails on Mother’s Day.  Bring the kids out to enjoy the beauty of nature!  Good exercise like a long walk is a win-win for both mother and child.  As an added perk, moms will receive a garden flower to take home!

Moms ‘n’ Marshmallows

If you’re looking for a nighttime event, here’s one that involves marshmallows! You’re free to relax around the campfire in the scenic setting of Stony Creek Metropark.  Bring the kids along to enjoy some quality time outdoors!  Celebrate mother nature and treat yourself by eating one too many S’mores and maybe sharing some scary stories of motherhood, or enjoy an imaginative story from one of the kids.

For more information about Wildflower Walk and Mother’s Day Walk-a-Mom, please call the Stony Creek Nature Center at 586-781-9113 or visit their event calendar to find more activities.

Spring Skin Renewal

Keeping with the natural theme, treat yourself to some natural pampering by creating DIY botanical body potions! Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving, like luxurious, make-it-yourself products. Take time for yourself this Mother’s Day to not only make your own personalized relaxing gift but bring it home and enjoy it!  This event takes place a few days after Mother’s Day. Visit the event page for more information.

photo credit: By aussiegall from Sydney, Australia – Wild Roses for Mothers Day, CC BY 2.0,

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